University of Nottingham’s China Campus Offers Opportunities for Indonesian Prospects

JAKARTA – University of Nottingham seeks to offer various opportunities to Indonesian prospective students after a long-week visit involving the country’s educational stakeholders.

University of Nottingham, who is listed on Britain’s top universities called the Russell Group, currently has two campus in Asia, Malaysia and China.

The Chinese branch, dubbed the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, has come to Indonesia over the past week to increase the awareness of Indonesians about the opportunities.

“University of Nottingham’s aim during the visit was to increase the awareness of prospective Indonesian students and their parents about the opportunities for studying with us in China,” the university’s professor Stephen Morgan said in a statement received by the Jakarta Globe on Wednesday (15/03).

“We also seek opportunities to collaborate with academic institutions, business and industry, and build partners in learning and research,” he added.

During the visit, the university’s representatives have signed two partnerships with Indonesia’s Diponegoro University and Gadjah Mada University, to be part of New Materials Institute — a $7 million research study to learn advanced materials that can improve various sectors in manufacturing, engineering, technology and sustainable energy.

In addition, a visit to the Indonesia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs has also been conducted with discussion to include the Chinese-based University of Nottingham as partner of the ministry’s MORA’s 5,000 doctoral scholarship scheme. (DVD)

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